16 August 2019

Expectation and reality: reconstruction, where something went wrong. Greek park

Plans do not always coincide with their implementation. Circumstances change, you have to correct something, abandon some ideas, and now the result does not at all resemble the original idea.
5 August 2019

Perfect zoo through the eyes of an architect who loves his city and animals

Perfect zoo through the eyes of an architect who loves his city and animals

Что у вас ассоциируется со словом "зоопарк". У меня — один из моих проектов, над которым всем пришлось поломать голову.
Все началось достаточно обыденно. Ко мне пришли и предложили сделать проект нашего Одесского зоопарка. Я была удивленна, что мне хотят доверить такой важный проект. На что мне ответили " Мы обращаемся к Вам потому, что вы архитектор, который склонен сохранять стиль старой Одессы, а это — то что нам нужно."

20 June 2019


"Do not limit your capabilities to a narrow specialization - specialize in general on life"
Karim Rashid, world-famous designer, who demonstrates interest not only in the design or creation of individual objects or spaces, but the design of habitat in the broadest sense of the word, said.
With these words, he literally shaped our approach. After all, the world can not be entered into the narrow framework of one stylistic direction. When designing, we cover all the interesting directions for us. We fit the projected objects into the existing environment without traumatizing it. We select the optimal style and solution of a specific problem, not limited to the views of the transient fashion. Like a good dancer, who selects the style of dance according to the music that sounds at the moment.
This breadth of views makes our portfolio of architectural works bright and diverse.

20 February 2019

Property of Odessa. Nata Golovchenko, architect, artist.

11 February 2019

The CHKALOV tower is more than just a house.

We continue to introduce you to the inner world of the CHKALOV Tower. We show what is hidden from the outside eyes and is accessible only to the inhabitants.
This is an atrium. Its "water" component. The crystal splendor of the pond water, her sparkling faces in the waterfall, a nice looking lighting and a gentle rustle of falling water.
Here time stops, giving an opportunity to know the infinity of the movement and the deep pacification.