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Any serious moment in the life of a modern person is connected with architecture! Birth, study, treatment, work, rest, walking in the park, sports, nutrition, etc. This list can be extended, as any residential or public space carefully designed by the architect. Architecture surrounds us throughout our lives. Being in the walls of these or other buildings and structures you feel the emotions of the respective places of stay. At the train station or at the airport - excitement. In the theater or cinema, there is a sense of anticipation of future emotions. In the hospital - fear or excitement, even if you went to visit relatives. In the walls of the prosecutor's office or the judiciary, you can feel the pressure of power. And even on the street, in front of the large office buildings of the world's capitals, subconsciously you feel vanity. Architecture and design is able to accumulate emotions, absorb them into their walls, floors, ceilings. Most of all, going to make repairs, we say: "I want to refresh the room" to remove the excess accumulated information.

Architectural and design studio by Nata Golovchenko. Odessa, Ukraine.

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