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Architecture in human life. Any serious moment in the life of a modern person is connected with architecture! Birth, study, treatment, work, rest, walking in the park, sports, nutrition and the military industry.....)) This list can be extended, as any residential or public space carefully designed by the architect. Architecture surrounds us throughout our lives. Being in the walls of these or other buildings and structures you feel the emotions of the respective places of stay. At the train station or at the airport - excitement. In the theater or cinema, there is a sense of anticipation of future emotions. In the hospital - fear or excitement, even if you went to visit relatives. In the walls of the prosecutor's office or the judiciary, you can feel the pressure of power. And even on the street, in front of the large office buildings of the world's capitals, subconsciously you feel vanity. Architecture is able to accumulate emotions, absorb them into their walls, floors, ceilings. Most of all, going to make repairs, we say: "I want to refresh the room" to remove the excess accumulated information. However, architecture can not only save but also create emotions. As the sound is recorded on a vinyl disc, the content and meaning of architectural buildings are written on the walls, in the lines and of facades shape, walls, floors and ceilings. These "sounds" are constantly sound. Their influence goes unconsciously into the subconscious. For many years, imperial dictators from different countries and ages have used architecture as an instrument for confirming their power and influence. Buildings of that time stand out for their monumental power. Such architecture is capable of suppressing, embodying fear of grandeur in the minds of the "mere mortals" and endowing its owner with a super force. Architecture tells us a lot about: in what region you are. In a city or in a village, whether a big city or small, you are in the center or on the outskirts. Rich or poor people inhabit this area, population density, level of scientific and technological progress. Definitely architecture will tell you everything . That's why we are going thousands of kilometers to read the history of another country through the language of architecture. Why am I telling you this? ... One day, while studying at the Institute of Architecture, I was tightened by a wave of research. Since then, all my projects have taught me. They spread my knowledge. The time passed, and when the number of projects and concepts exceeded 1000, experience in diverse industries appeared. From the medical field and education to hotel complexes, restaurants, night clubs and casinos. From high-rise buildings with smart apartments to the most luxurious mansions in Ukraine. What can I advise people who embark on a design and construction project? - Thinking of your own house, office or public space, you must understand that you write the content in an architectural form. And it's important to know what you want to say about your building. After all, this meaning will read the subconscious of everyone. It will affect the health of the physical and emotional, the success of sales of a product, industry development, and more. Good luck to you in the architectural design and implementation of your own projects, and we will be happy to help you make the best choice!