Structural Architectural projects

(Structural architects design buildings and other structures, taking into consideration safety, functionality and aesthetics. Duties include meeting with clients, estimating material costs and preparing sketches and contractor documents
•Architectural Plans Elevations
•Construction Detailing
•Site Layout/Topography
•Structural Plans/Sections)

Commercial and private interior design projects 

( the executive project is the instruction book of the project and consists of different chapters: demolition, new construction, installations, plaster and plasterboard, cladding, enclosures, carpentry, painting, furniture and fabrics.)
(the executive project includes floor plans, elevations and, to facilitate decision making, 3D images and so-called renders)


According to estimated budget, both we and the client must make multiple decisions about what actions and types of finishes are possible, trying to best meet the functional requirements and maximize the quality and aesthetics of the finishes.

With the specifications of the Executive Project, we contact those craftsmen, industrialists and suppliers that best adapt to the type of work to be done. Among our wide portfolio of industrialists with whom we are accustomed to work, we have multiple options, all of them of proven quality and guarantee.

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