Interior design services

You know, most often I say to my clients the following phrase:
- Good and bad interior can be done for the same money!

The whole thing is that plunging into any new topic we can not be professionals in it and in one way or another we have to trust the people with whom we work.
When designing an interior design for the first time, a novice designer feels great pleasure of being able of self-realization. He perceives customers interior as a field for the realization of his desires and intentions, jealously watching the steady fulfillment of his plans. This is a way of trial and error for the customer's money. Subsequently, getting used to such work, designers begin to accumulate experience. Pay attention to the mistakes in the project. Before his project seemed a beginner perfect. Now the design project requires young designer more effort and meaningfulness! Accordingly, the price for the service increases, but as before, the designer realizes his desire. Only when the number of design projects of apartments, houses and public interiors becomes large, comes the understanding that the designer can show himself personality when designing public spaces.
In the case of designing luxury private interiors designer needs to be extremely delicate. It will be a space where other people will live, not a scene or a showroom!
In a private interior, the designer is called in order to realize all the necessary functions of the apartment or private house while using non-standard designer techniques. In fact, it should be recognized that the primary is the functionality and ergonomics of living spaces, and the design of the room itself is a means of beautiful framing of these functions.
The first part of the project for us is the clever planning of space, taking into account ergonomics and engineering communications. 
3D design allows us to take into account the many nuances undistinguished in the 2D drawing. Then, analyzing the taste preferences of our customers, we begin with a detailed design of the interior design, 3D visualization that takes into account every corner, every element of the living space, which then becomes a detailed design documentation.

P.S. I would also like to add one question that is often addressed to me:
  - Please tell us which of our wishes you can implement in the interior?
  I'll answer right away
  - Write all, absolutely all your wishes! For every one of your desires, there is a decent place in your interior, no matter what space you seem!

Design of public and private interiors.

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