20 June 2019


"Do not limit your capabilities to a narrow specialization - specialize in general on life"
Karim Rashid, world-famous designer, who demonstrates interest not only in the design or creation of individual objects or spaces, but the design of habitat in the broadest sense of the word, said.
With these words, he literally shaped our approach. After all, the world can not be entered into the narrow framework of one stylistic direction. When designing, we cover all the interesting directions for us. We fit the projected objects into the existing environment without traumatizing it. We select the optimal style and solution of a specific problem, not limited to the views of the transient fashion. Like a good dancer, who selects the style of dance according to the music that sounds at the moment.
This breadth of views makes our portfolio of architectural works bright and diverse.

That's what amazing !? Living in Ukraine, we are guided by Western experience in many areas of activity. They largely worked out the technology before us. Architecture is no exception. For all the new modern trends, we are heading west, exploring their approach, technology, construction, and sales. And suddenly, the organizers
#UrbanCreativeCityBreak #Odessa Ugo Poletti, Antonina Semenova are not only invited, but also brought to Odessa a group of 20 Italians, who study with great curiosity how our market is developing in various fields of activity. I love to talk about architecture as a science that unites all spheres of human life. In the case of the Italians, of course, this study also touched the architectural sphere, because it is through this prism can understand what develops most actively at the market, how integrate various spheres into each other, and whether these or other areas are popularized.
So, what am I talking about for so long?

Italians' bus travels for a long time through the whole city and comes to an unfinished classic villa right on the seafront with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Italians get off the bus and look at bewilderment where they were taken. I explain that this is not a reconstruction, but a new construction of an absolutely authentic style classic villa, the design that inspired me by Erba's Italian villa on the shore of Lake Como. They were even more surprised and asked: Why do you build classic villas? 
After all, if you want to live in a classic villa in any European country, with sufficient finances, you can just go and purchase it in it's natural form.
But not in our country. Actually we don't have this product at the market. Many foreigners are surprised: why do modern people in Ukraine want to build classics? But for some reason no one is surprised when they see fashionably decorated historical villas somewhere abroad.
Began to ask questions:
Why did I, a modern architect, design a classic villa?
I replied that my customer had been looking for the best stylistic solution for his house for a long time and after a series of experiments with modern style, he returned to the tried-and-true, elegant, worked out by the generations of Italian masters, tender classics that fit into the seascape, as if it had been there for more than 200 years.
Then I began to tell that inside the villa will be done with absolutely modern interiors, fashionable Italian furniture and equipment of the latest technology.
The Italians nodded and agreed. They were pleased that here in Ukraine we are aware of all the latest trends in Italian design. And yet did not leave the thought: why is it a classic ???
At the end of my presentation, they again asked:
D'not I have an internal conflict to design what the client wants from me, do I go against my will?
I replied that the client who came to me to design the house might have dreamed of his house all his life. And my task is only to help him realize his dream, doing it professionally and architecturally competently.
Then they asked:
Don't you think his dream may be wrong?
I answered: I think that
Everyone has the right to his dream without criteria and ratings from either side.