20 December 2013

“Golden Arch” - both an architectural competition and a worthy answer “To the lady with an ermine”

Public and residential buildings, private house and landscape design, reconstruction and restoration of monuments. Projects in these areas of architectural activity are presented at the Golden Arch arch, the architectural realization in the art center of


All, as in any competition. There is a jury and there are works of participants, which the jury and evaluates. The competition "Golden Arch" presents projects that were implemented quite recently - not more than a year ago.

In addition to works in the field of architecture, in the art center of Alexander Korobchinsky there was a place for painting. Architect Natalia Golovchenko presented her solo exhibition. The influence of the Renaissance in the works of Natalia can be seen with the naked eye. Is that the action takes place in Ukraine, and here, as you know, their heroes. For example, "grandma with a slingshot", and "Lady with a Pig" is the author's answer to the work "Lady with an ermine".

Source: mediaholding100.com