Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Ukraine


History.  How much is there in this word, even scary to list.
 Architecture is an integral part of history.  Temples, mosques, palaces.  These buildings contain a lot of things.  But sooner or later they turn into a hackneyed and extremely boring attraction for a modern person, covered with dust.
 Trying to avoid this, people are restoring and are trying in every possible way to restore these attractions, making great efforts to preserve the original appearance.
 This is exactly what happened with the Akerman fortress, located not far from Odessa.  She is now going through a period of revival.  The fortress is being restored and restored.  In connection with this work, a larger number of tourists began to visit the Akerman Fortress.  And in order to extend the stay of the guests in the fortress until the evening, it was decided to create decorative lighting, decorate and highlight the main attractions.
 The project was approved by the State Expertise and the Ministry of Culture.

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