Odessa, Ukraine


The Museum of the History of Odessa is an important project for us and our city, which has the goal of reminding Odessa residents of those people who created our hometown.
 He will appear on the site of the destroyed Cafe Chill, to the right of the entrance to the Preobrazhensky Park.
 The idea of   creating an architectural form was inspired by the arches typical of the architecture of old Odessa.
 The gallery at the entrance to the museum will create a place where tourist groups and visitors can rest before the tour, hide from the rain or summer heat.  The interior of the museum will be interactive even without a stationary exhibition.
 In turn, the Odessa public figures who attended the presentation of the project insist that before the construction of the museum it is necessary to determine the boundaries of the Preobrazhensky Park, deal with the owners of all buildings on its territory and hold a broad public discussion and, possibly, an international competition.

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