Chkalov Tower

CHKALOV Tower is a unique project and located in the heart of Odessa at Bolshaya Arnautskaya St, 23/1. The house consists of 13 residential floors, 2 floors of commercial permises, 3-level parking and more than 1 000 square meters ща landscaped area for year-round recreation.

The style of the building combines the features of American Art Deco and the Stalinist Empire style, which are associated with modern architectural trends and building technologies. CHKALOV Tower was designed in accordance with the building of a residential neighborhood, not destroying its historical value.

Non-standard volumetric and planning decisions allowed “planted” on a small spot a large number of square meters. Here, you can find any area ​​from the one-bedroom apartments to luxurious penthouses with access to a private terrace.

Some solutions are applied and implemented in Ukraine for the first time, namely:
– Inner atrium with panoramic elevators and decorative water space;
– Landscaped courtyard (walking area), which is located on the intermediate floor.

CHKALOV Tower is a synthesis of architecture, send to nostalgic 30s of the last century and a futuristic 21st century!

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